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Top-Notch City Services

The utmost priority of any city government is delivering quality city services, and, like my neighbors, I want to see my tax dollars invested in such services. Residents rightfully expect the city to provide well-maintained roads, sidewalks, and parks, reliable utility service, clean water, a trusted public safety system, and transparent, responsive governance. As your council member, I will take this responsibility seriously. I will work to improve our water and sanitation systems, prioritize safe roads and sidewalks, increase trust in our public safety and fire departments, and expand access to reliable and convenient transit systems.


Each month brings new evidence of rapidly accelerating climate change and serves as a reminder that we must take action now. Ann Arbor has boldly committed to community-wide carbon neutrality by 2030 through the A2ZERO plan. I will support policies that align with this plan and prioritize equity and livability, such as: 
  • Thoughtful, integrated multi-modal transportation systems that reduce emissions and create safe, convenient options for people that can’t drive or afford a car. 
  • Land-use policies that enable mixed-use neighborhoods, increase walkability and reduce vehicular miles traveled, and also deliver quality-of-life benefits to residents and help local businesses.
  • Community solar programs that help us achieve our carbon neutrality goals and benefit renters and others who are unable to install their own residential solar panels.



Ann Arbor is known for its rich cultural legacy, celebrated by residents and admired by visitors from near and far. However, Ann Arbor has become prohibitively expensive for many artists and creative workers, and the pandemic has dealt a crushing blow to creatives and the organizations that champion local creative industries. Now is the time to create a more supportive community for our existing arts and creative industries and to attract new ones.


The options we have for moving around tie directly to carbon emissions reduction efforts, affordability, equity, and accessibility. Let’s continue to build out a robust transit system that makes walking, cycling, and taking the bus safe, reliable, and convenient. 
Too many people who work in Ann Arbor can’t afford to live here, pushing them into surrounding communities where they must commute to earn a living. Ensuring our city is one that people from all walks of life can call home requires several strategies. I will support 1) The creation of abundant housing of all types, especially through gentle-density approaches which are largely absent from new developments today. 2) Assisting people who make below the average median income by subsidizing housing costs. I strongly support the use of city-owned land to build developments that would provide below-market-rate options. 3) Strong tenant protections and their enforcement, as well as anti-displacement strategies that work to limit the disproportionate impact seniors and low-income residents face from rising housing prices.

Transparency, Integrity, and Accountability 

Good governance means being responsive, effective, transparent, ethical, and accountable, all in service to residents and responsible stewardship of the city. I am committed to these values, which I have demonstrated as an executive leader and as a public library trustee. If elected, I will listen to and engage with a broad range of community constituents, practice constructive dialogue around policy issues, and focus on pragmatic solutions to our city's challenges. Furthermore, as a council member, I will be available and responsive to residents and regularly keep you informed about Council work. I will listen to residents and increase engagement with those that feel our city isn’t responsive to their needs. I will work to ensure that information about city and council activities–such as voting charts–is readily available and easy to access through the City website.

Clean, Renewable, and Reliable Energy

The frequency and length of power outages in the 4th Ward are unacceptable, putting seniors and other vulnerable populations at particular risk. I will pressure DTE to upgrade their infrastructure and compensate residents for outage-related expenses. Furthermore, I will support viable, clean, sustainable, and local energy solutions that decrease our dependence on DTE.


Protecting our water is so incredibly important. Clean, safe water is a basic human right that must be protected. PFAS and the 1.4 Dioxane plume threaten our water supply as does our aging water infrastructure. I will work to promote the necessary investment in our water infrastructure to keep water safe and clean, and I will hold polluters accountable for poisoning our water supply.

Infrastructure Investments  

I share the frustration of many residents when I see potholed or unplowed roads. Too many of our roads are in embarrassingly poor repair and not well-maintained in the winter, leading to unsafe conditions for drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and seniors. Repairing and maintaining our roads and sidewalks is a City service that needs to be improved. I will look for ways to accelerate our spending on the repair and maintenance of residential streets and ensure they are designed for everyone’s safety.

Improving Equity

A commitment to equity must thread through all that we do as a City and is part of each of my policy priorities. Our City has substantial work to do to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to flourish and has a seat at the table as we formulate policies. Further, we must hold ourselves accountable to established equity goals. I look forward to working with community groups and staff to increase equity in Ann Arbor.

Increased trust in public safety

Too often our public safety systems rely on criminalization, incarceration, and the use of force instead of prevention and care. I support an unarmed response system because many issues are best resolved by unarmed public safety and mental health professionals.
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