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October 2, 2022 Newsletter


Autumn has arrived, and the General Election is quickly approaching on November 8th. In fact, I received my absentee ballot from the city in the mail yesterday!

I will appear on Ward 4 ballots as the unopposed Democratic nominee for Ann Arbor City Council. To view your personalized ballot and candidate information, check out the League of Women Voters VOTE411 Guide. The Ann Arbor City Clerk's election page has information on absentee voting, ballot drop-off, voter registration, and election-day voting locations.

On Friday, October 14th, from 7 to 9pm, I'm participating in artist Philippa Hughes' interactive night of political issues and artists at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. Attendees will be able to sign up for a one-on-one, five-minute meeting with a candidate to tell them about an issue or concern they're passionate about. The fun twist is that candidates will not be allowed to speak except to ask questions. This event is part of a larger effort by UMMA to partner with local, regional, and national organizations, designers, and artists to transform their space into one of civic participation and engagement.

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